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If you look at your blog’s traffic stats, social media is likely to be among the top three traffic sources. As said before, Google is taking responsiveness of websites more and more seriously and it has become a true ranking factor in mobile search results, so it’s really imperative that you improve your mobile site as much as possible and keep tracking this for your SEO.

Each step using $200 Cash Hack is set up the free traffic source in the correct way, activate the traffic hack” and link the traffic source to a high converting offer, put your feet up and watch the cash roll in. it means you able to generate over $200 consistently every single day for the next few months by working just 20 minutes per day without product required, No website required, No technical knowledge required, No money required, No time wasted online.

It is a common problem with internet marketers who spend all their time trying to get traffic from Google and work through every SEO trick in the book only to find one day that Google moved the goalposts and slapped their site down the ranks into oblivion, taking away all that hard earned traffic forever.

Growth hackers start with the existing data about their customers, evaluate which strategies are and aren’t working, and identify creative and often ingenious ways to leverage all of this information to their advantage, acquiring more customers and achieving incredible growth.

Content is at the heart and core of your website and is the hub where all your digital marketing efforts should revolve in. Content can be anything that you can place in your website: from great how-to articles to very informative step-by-step video tutorials.

For example, if you do a Google search for top mobile app developers” the first search result is They showcase a list of mobile app development firms with reviews but if you look closely you’ll notice that they are sorted by sponsor.” Essentially these companies are paying to have their website and reviews featured first.

And unlike expensive search engine software that does the same thing, in this product I’ll reveal the 10 Steps you must take to make sure your pages are fully optimized for Google (also for Yahoo and MSN) so you can easily get a ton more search engine traffic for free.

So, if the degree to which you’re confident your resource will be better than the competition is significant, that can inform choosing a higher difficulty post because you know you’ll generate an outsized number of links to it. If you’re just as good, that’s probably going to get you stuck on page 2-3 because you don’t have the DA to compete.

The point of keywords is that they are the terms most people looking for your article by topic will search by. Check those with free Google terms and use the most popular relevant one in your title – a descriptive title to let them know right away what it is if it’s a word with multiple meanings.

If GA can’t determine that a user landed on your site from a recognised campaign, search or social source, there’s no existing campaign data, it’s a new session and no referral data is available: you’ll find yourself at the very bottom of the traffic source algorithm flow chart – it’s a Direct visit.

Article writing has just been made painless and astonishingly quick.RapidWriter Keyword Research ToolFinding the perfect keywords to write your article for, and building your content into your article is a daunting task and can consume much of your time trying to find the perfect phrase that you can monetize.

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