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Email marketing occurs when a company sends a commercial message to a group of people by use of electronic email. If you simply email ads, there is a good chance that people will stop responding to these and even stop opening you email. With the state of marketing being what it is today, you can technically get by without UGC. To fill in the gaps, head over to our Fundamentals of Email Marketing best practice guide. Better for branding – Kian Ng from ReadySpace said that his company is investing in social media mainly for the opportunity to create an image or to leave an impression. With our prepaid email credits, you don’t have to worry about getting everything out of a monthly fee. Alert email subscribers to recent social media-only promotions or contest winners.

Looking at the reports offered by your email marketing company allows you to gauge the performance of your email campaigns and compare them with either other recent campaigns or against recent campaigns in your industry. Consider spending more on a good content marketer (personnel) than on content marketing (tactics).

Depending on the content that you’re sharing you might see a below average conversion rate on your blog posts, but an above average rate when you offer webinars or through your lead nurture campaigns. Your open rate suffers when you have a list of outdated email addresses or inactive subscribers.

You should interact with your followers in social channels and encourage them to sign up for the email list. Campaigner’s poor design isn’t limited to email creation — its entire UI is painfully outdated and slow. After acquiring a number of companies in the talent management space, the CEB team faced the complex content marketing challenge to establish their brand as a leader in the talent assessment space. Email marketing can be time intensive also, as newsletter articles have to be written, formatted and put into the newsletter template. I use Mailchimp, and have been looking at ActiveCampaign, which appears to have a ton of great features at a comparable price.

Industry-wise, my best guess is that you’re likely to find some variation among different industries, based on what you might assume about one’s email habits. Email, in combination with a strong website and customer experience, forms a stable foundation for interactive marketing.

Easysendy Pro has taken the email marketing to the new extent as hybrid email marketing to deliver 30000 emails for 2000 subscribers for free. True to its name, social media invites social activities, and brands may have better luck engaging and motivating customers on these platforms since what they are doing is not advertising, but speaking, or starting conversations. This B2B marketing agency knows what it takes to thrive in the world of marketing.

For example, you can segment according to who opens a particular email and/or who clicks on a specific link in a particular email. If a project’s intention is clearly on marketing, particularly in smaller firms, then it matters not if the terms ‘content strategy’ and ‘content marketing strategy’ are used interchangeably. A direct advertising campaign aims to deliver a good return on investment by showing how many potential customers responded to a clear call to action. If you’re not already, I want to get you setup with some email marketing software before we go any further. You will also learn how to track and trace the results of your efforts enabling you to strengthen your marketing. As you touch on Neil, perhaps digital marketing practitioners could utilise email better by employing similar strategies to those used for other social platforms!

You’ve built your own app, and even have a transactional email service like Mandrill or Amazon SES that you’re using to send emails. If you’re sending out an email to promote a new product or service, stick to this one, don’t go off on a tangent about something that isn’t relevant. This Email Message Checklist PDF will help you make sure fewer mistakes slip through the cracks.

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