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While you can use OptinMonster to easily get more email subscribers, the actual email delivery part comes down to your email marketing service provider. Investigation of this issue is also complicated, because some emails are sent using both HTML and text, allowing the recipient to choose, while others use ‘sniffer’ technology, which detects whether the recipient email client can read HTML and then sends the appropriate version.

At a point when we were about to move forward with an SEO / PPC campaign, Metalfrog took a look at our site, ran a Google rankings audit, provided useful advice and suggested some short-term gains whilst we placed our marketing drive on hold.. Taking the time to talk through the technology and longer term considerations, Metalfrog has carefully studied our product, ethos and market place, commanding a reassuring understanding of our vision for the business and its market positioning.

The GetResponse email templates are just about as modern as MailChimp’s, but its interface is definitely less intuitive — lots of unlabeled icons means you have to try ’em out to learn what they do. That said, GetResponse does have an undo” button, which is something MailChimp sorely lacks.

Using Kendall’s Tau non-parametric correlation test (because we had a small data set with a large number of tied ranks), we found that click through percentage was significantly related to subject line, length of email (inverse relationship), number of images and number of click-throughs, as shown in Table 3.

I’m not sure what the exchange rate is at the moment but uhh… tbh, I thought it was either a mistake or was missing some kind of catch, but I got an account and checked out it’s pretty impressive software (I’d say the editor rates about a 7/10) and I asked their support why their prices are that low and it turns out there is no catch, although the terms state that the prices may change in the future, but for now I’m using MarketMailer.

Pro Tip: An easy way to track your Cost-Per-Lead without having to deal with messy tracking codes between your Facebook Ad and your website is to use Wishpond’s Facebook Ad Manager with Wishpond’s Landing Page Builder These are both integrated within your Wishpond account to allow you to track your Cost-Per-Lead (as well as every other metric) without having to set up your own tracking codes.

Venture Capitalists and financial institutions are extremely reticent to fund new enterprises unless they are confronted with bulletproof arguments as to the company’s success, leaving entrepreneurs scrambling for ammunition to prove that their business plan is the bomb.

While you may not have all your plans finalized, or even started at this point, you know that the next couple months are going to go fast and the season will be here before you know it. Check out this free email marketing guide to help you plan your holiday season.

Anonymous mail sender: With Anonymous email sender it is conceivable to send messages without uncovering the email address or any data about the person One can convey all the more openly and doesn’st need to stress that it may cause problems for him/her.

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