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Here Are 5 Reasons Why Email Marketing Still Matters

Were he alive today, Mark Twain would probably have a soft spot for email because, much like the author himself, recent reports of email’s death have been greatly exaggerated. In this case, they’d go straight to the final stage in my email workflow and receive an upsell to a paid book that expands on monetization, a topic they’re clearly interesting in, in more detail. Get consent: You’ve obtained express permission or opt-in from your list to send commercial email messages, and have explained the nature of the relationship you’re establishing. If your email is already sitting in your prospect’s inbox when they get into work, you’ll be competing with the usual barrage of early-morning email. In this case, a business owner can typically handle this type of work as no technical expertise is needed. If you’ve enabled automatic bidding (which is recommended when you’re starting out), Facebook will choose a bid for you based on your total budget.

View the performance of your automation workflows in real-time to see how effective your marketing is. When you’re launching your first campaign, neither you nor Facebook has any data on which types of people convert. Compare your email opens, clicks, delivery rates and more in the brand new 2016 edition of our email marketing benchmark report. If you are sending 240k emails and 60k (i.e. 25%) of your emails never see the inbox, you can potentially lose a lot of business. As you might expect, email marketing has several rules of thumb, best practices, and details that can make or break a campaign. Many of our B2B customers see site visitors choose these providers over Facebook. According to the 2012 Channel Preference Survey , people prefer email to Facebook for deals because it’s harder to miss deals in the inbox than it is in the waterfall of posts that is the News Feed. So when you prioritize building your email list, you help others as well as yourself.

Other triggered email campaigns include post-purchase emails, browse abandonment programs, winback programs (lack of purchases over time), and many others. For example, a stay-at-home mom likely checks her email at a different time than a full-time lawyer.

Let’s open this portion with a killer statistic – the Direct Marketing Association found that email marketing has a ROI of 4300%. Mobile Marketing – More and more users use their mobile phones to search the web, engage on social media, or find products or services to buy. Products like HubSpot’s marketing automation product or Intercom’s customer communications platform allow for even more than just emails to be included within the process. However, you might think that people prefer social media when it comes to personal communication. Call to action of the email: Keep it simple – Get this coupon now!” Offer ends today.” Anything that creates a sense of urgency and encourages immediate action. A common best practice is to have people who want the content fill out a form in exchange—signing over information such as name, occupation, and/or email address. The images below show the email before and after a responsive design was applied.

Charmaine provided relevant examples to explain marketing strategy from various industries. A workflow is a system that uses a series of if this, then that” logic decisions to match each customer with the email campaign(s) that’s right for them, based on their behavior. Marketers consistently rank email as the single most effective tactic for acquisition, retention, awareness and conversion. The system will alsou verify whether your email does not contain any characteristics that could trigger anti-spam filters. If you click on the link in the email it takes you to their website clearly showing all the types of individual fits and personalities these jeans take on. For this reason, if your goal is to target X number of consumers, you may spend more money with direct mail than emails. When it comes to email marketing, most marketers focus on the numbers: opt-ins, open rates, clickthroughs, and conversions. The best place to start is to introduce an email marketing calendar into your marketing strategy.

In addition to email marketing automation, ConvertKit includes typical email marketing features such as broadcasts — one-off emails that can be delivered to specific audiences or your entire marketing list. Large images also make your email more likely to be sent to spam or make them impossible to view on mobile devices. Unless you’ve bought your list—which we highly recommend against doing—you won’t be shelling out much money until you need to pay for advanced email clients and facilitating large sends. If you take a section of your email and break it down to the strategies listed in the book, you can only create a productive piece. You won’t need to send an unsubscribe email for everything, but it’s always good to send one before sending a longer email series. Get more of your emails opened and links clicked when you tailor each email to each subscriber.

There aren’t many services that Mailchimp can’t connect to. Whether you need to connect to LeadPages, Instapage, WordPress, Hubspot, Unbounce, Facebook, or virtually any other popular marketing tool – Mailchimp will integrate with them. Zachary Hanz : Zack is an Email Marketing Manager at Sprout Social and former wildlife card collector and singer/songwriter. Email providers do a very similar kind of sifting, filtering and decision-making about emails that we do with people and places.

So in 2017, if you haven’t already done so, ditch the newsletter for an automated email series full of value, teaching your audience about something specific that they actually want to learn about. At Unbounce, they send you a thank you email when you download a piece of content – in this case, a white paper. To deliver the right content to your lead at the right time, you need to address your buyer’s needs through a series of emails based on the actions they have taken.

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