10 Best Email Marketing Software Tools & Services Of 2017

The Best Email Marketing Services Of 2017

All email marketing software promises the same stuff: modern templates, easy-to-use editors, and reporting tools to help you drive conversions. If you’re looking to drive direct sales then sending marketing offer and announcement campaigns are going to return the best results, however if you are simply looking to keep your existing customers up-to-date on the latest projects, products or developments at your company, then sending a regular newsletter is going to be the best way to achieve that.

That said, you can (and should) have a primary link or call to action in each of your email newsletters; tracking the CTOR for this link can help inform email design and copy decisions, especially if you cross reference this information with other subscriber stats like mobile device usage, time of day, and the experience you’re creating with that particular link.

Tell your subscribers what kind of information to expect from you (new posts, infographics, coupons, offers, etc) and when (every day, every week, whenever you have a new post etc.). Be honest and try not to promise something you cannot deliver otherwise your email marketing efforts will fail.

In the first method, the audience is smaller in numbers than mass media, but because the audience is inherently more friendly and has already raised their hand to get your messages, the audience coverts at a 750% higher rate than interruption-based marketing.

Pretty much all of the email marketing tools have template builders that allow you to piece together a pretty snazzy email by adding boxes of text, your logo, images and lots of other stuff to make your email pop (and not blend into one massive block of black, unreadable text, which is a HUGE email marketing no-no).

These overlooked tactics can send emails, update contact information, trigger email notifications and so on. More than that, workflows can put prospects right into that buying mode” you are striving for, and can even persuade customers who may have abandoned you to return.

You’ll learn how to convert more customers using behavior-based trigger emails, test your emails to get maximum effectiveness, nurture new leads with impressive onboarding messaging, build robust email lists through segmented targeting, gain subscribers who actually want to be on your list, and much, much more!

It’s great TOFU content that people really enjoy and get instant value from subscribing with, and it also enables me to segment my audience based on the kind of tools they’re looking at. Depending on whether a subscriber clicks through to check out a link building tool, a social media tool or a content marketing tool, they will automatically be added into a custom segment in my MailChimp account (I’ve set this all up – it doesn’t happen automatically).

It aims to promote one-to-one marketing as a true exchange of value between your business, looking to prosper, and your customer, looking to benefit – and provides you with the five clear principles that will guide you to achieve this, and against which your conduct will be measured.

They did have over 6400 email addresses for a portion of their client base, so we suggested incorporating an email marketing e-newsletter linking to a short interactive video explaining the changes to the service and including helpful links for more information, download a PDF of the brochure or to contact someone at the company.

Now that you’ve picked out the perfect app to send your emails, you’ll need some people to send your emails to. In the next chapter, we’ll look at tips to help you grow your email lists , along with ways to automate your email lists and ensure your messages don’t get marked as spam.

ExpressPigeon – ExpressPigeon is a powerful email marketing platform with an extremely clean and easy-to-use interface, offering scaling pricing for businesses depending on number of subscribers, with paid plans including an unlimited volume of sent messages.

To round out this multi-channel campaign, their team conducted extensive media outreach around the election data, and insights related to Email for President have been featured in hundreds of news stories, including top-tier media outlets like The Washington Post.

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